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mafuyu to my hayasaka
pico to my chico
tenka to my sousei
levi to my erwin
kuroko to my kagami


Original vs Not!

What are you up to, Medusa?

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"Helena" by My Chemical Romance

"What’s the worst that I could say? things are better if I stay, so long and goodnight…"


Yato & Yukine - requested by ~ fudayk

Anonymous asked: is kozatos really ur sister?

Yeah unfortunately >.>

Because I love you

megane. megane. megane.

kurodoki replied to your post “OMG YOU’RE SUCH A QT”



jaywalkingbackwards replied to your post “OMG YOU’RE SUCH A QT”

That’s not you? I want my quarters back.

it’s cool i’ll give you his contact info. he sucks dick like a pro >.>

"But if I remembered a lot, and it hurt a lot…" 

kozatos asked: You ain't swaggy enough to be my sister

fuck you get out of my room then!

gurrenlagging replied to your post “OMG YOU’RE SUCH A QT”

my eyes burn

ikr ew smother it with a pillow >.>

Anonymous asked: OMG YOU'RE SUCH A QT

if you’re talking about this piece of shit

its not me >.>